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Leagues Begin

Written by Tobias Barsnes
03 Jul 2019
Category: Counter Strike Germany

After a well deserved break in May, and the summer sun shining bright outside, Quixz is back with full force, now with three teams in Counter Strike. 


We still have our main- and academy team going full throttle in the 99Damage League, but will battle on a new playground, in Norway. Quixz NOR is our newest addition to the Quixz family, who will be playing in Tussaligaen, starting next week. After the summer break is over, and the fall comes creeping, they will be joining Telialigaen, Norways biggest esport league.


THe teams have already played their opening matches, all with wins! We hope to keep this streak going, and all of our players are looking forward to the coming leagues, matches, and amazing teams they will meet. We will be keeping you updated on our Twitter, and will be posting scores and highlights from the matches.

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